The Refractive Ceremony of Reflective Realm

Muse Princesses giggled while skimming across the midway of Reflective Realm, each turning, one over the other, in symbiotic spherical patterns of gay reverie. They bent at their midsections to grasp onto the others’ appendages, bursting into full-fledged laughter as they exchanged one side of the suspension surface for the other.

“Muses!” Reverberations were cast toward them at Pondering Palace’s gates.

“Yes, Supreme Materices?” the fused pairs dutifully addressed their visionary Queen counterparts, attached reflections surveying the one, then the other.

“Go get soothed for tonight’s Refractive Saturnalia. A new wavefront approaches with which we may cooperatively interface. Our pliable hemispheric coatings cannot last another season without it, else our mutual coagulation will degrade.”

“Yes, Materices,” the muse-girls submissively nodded first to the one, then lithely spun in opposite directions to receive affections from the other.

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The daintily clad princesses transparently slid onto the casting lake at 11:30, joining other receptive phenomena within their tiny kingdom. They shimmied upon Crystal Lough, dipping from one side of the realm’s supple suspension surface to the next – until 5 minutes before midnight. Bracing themselves, toes curling one around the other, they sensed the soothing sway of their world, tipping end over end, as it floated gracefully through some infinite expanse, yielding to an alien temporal span.

As midnight struck, a shiver vibrated their malleable sphere, the blunt force of pressure waves striking, first rippling gently, then building to a crescendo, whirling their particulate forms into a frenzy. The bell towers resonated within their sonorous bases, waves colliding in susceptible patterns. The princesses felt harsh vibrations rolling through their protoplasm, numbing them at their conjoined parts. A harsh shockwave rolled through, stronger than the girls had ever before experienced. They glanced nervously at the Supreme Materices, who were poised too stiffly, pinching their viscera too tightly. This interaction was inordinately not to their satisfaction.

The kingdom brightened, waves becoming absorbed by all aqueous structures. The princesses’ substances felt molten, particulates breaking loose, de-congealing their neutrality. The vibrations became a cacophony. Their outer world wobbled, rocking with the forceful energy blast. Then so did they – screaming as their figures bounced, collided, entangled, then finally tore loose. Separated princesses were sent plummeting into the realm’s nanospaces, dissected for the first time since their recognized existences.

It took days for the unstable muse pairs to relocate in the period of transposition. It took weeks for their misshapen forms to de-liquefy and re-congeal. Some never did. The realm now deceptively refracts, looking mountainously molten in some regions, runny and serous in others. One of the Queens has disappeared into the depths of despair without her conjoined mate. The muses mourn this imbalance, but are discovering how to interact on the same suspension side of the realm – such a foreign concept, full of inconveniences.

Sages are scrambling to unravel the cause of The Cataclysmic Cavitation of 10000111101001.0001, as composers attempt to repair in-situ damage. Despite all efforts, none suspect the terrifying truth – of a single-sided, bipedal beasty-child from a meta-global multiverse simply reaching out and touching the supple, glycerin capsule of a briefly visible world, but for a millisecond as it floated by, its reflection caught by the noonday sun.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s Write at the Merge time again. Week 11!

Our creative writing prompt offers up two … somethings… for your inspirational pleasure. Find where they intersect for you and write on! Sometimes it will be one, sometimes both; you’re welcome to bring fiction, memoir, and poetry to our table.

Jody, here again: The two photos within this piece are the “somethings” that were provided for inspiration. I couldn’t recall if there was a word count limit, nor could I find one (though I tried to stay around 500); yet I simply let it end as it ended. Okay, while I’m confessing, let me just go ahead and say that I stretched WAY out of my comfort zone on this one too; but that was where the bizarre idea from the two images merged in the nanospaces of my brain – so I slid onto the edge with it (then perhaps I jumped off?). Hope I didn’t pop anyone’s bubbles of confidence in me this week…


11 thoughts on “The Refractive Ceremony of Reflective Realm

  1. Wow. I didn’t understand three words together and loved every minute of it! Such technical world building for a such a delicate world. The idea of mirror images reflecting inside the bubble was perfect. Great read.

    -barbara @ de rebus

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