Friday Fictioneers: Spiral Resolve

For the 100-word count story this week at Friday Fictioneers, I wrote in quatrains of poetic verse on 8-syllable line counts. I have no good reason for this really – I just did. (Maybe the patterned composition of the staircase image prompt inspired me to emulate the same.) I guess, sometimes, “just because” is simply reason enough. 😉


I’m winded by the winding path,
upward, onward…might it de-rail?
I’m blinded by the blinding light
shadowing my intended trail.

Hazy, disrupted dream, it seems,
is deluding me through and through;
replaying, night after endless night,
beckoning me, Come into

A realm, which endless lies ahead
into that great abeyant, full
of unknown fate, spiraling dread –
but ne’er for the willing or want.

My confidence has no rebound,
as remorse takes it toll on me.
Mind flounders downward o’er the ledge –
no aspiring craved fantasy.

Another night, another chance…
Perhaps I’ll yet reach ecstasy.


© 2013 jody love


17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Spiral Resolve

  1. Fun rhythm and rhyme scheme. I especially like the repetition of “winded” and “winding” and “blinded” and “blinding” in lines 1 and 3, and the visual rhyme of “winded” and “blinded.” Well done!

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