In the Thicket of Things


Frantically bouncing from one tree trunk to the next, her mind whirred through the forest, her body following like a discharged pinball. She caressed her left cheek, finding the blood oozing from the bark scrape to be the only soothing warmth her fingers could find. At what point had her glove let loose from her hand? Did it fall off in the crash? Did she remove it while caring for him? She was too stunned to recall and didn’t care. Her focus had to be on the task of making it back to the lodge. Why, oh why, had they gone out on that stupid snowmobile in the dark? He’d assured her they had an ample headlamp. It had seemed so too – until the upward casting beam missed that snow laden stump. She’d been thrown away from the chaos. He hadn’t. He’d taken the brunt of the collision, and she hadn’t been able to stir him from unconsciousness. As she stumbled onto the road, oncoming headlights cast hope onto this dismal situation. By the time the sun was peeking through the forest thicket, a rescue crew had him safely in tow.

Arctic bitterness

Wraps around the soul’s confines

Thawed frenzy – Composed.


This week’s Līgo Editions challenge was the picture prompt posted above. I hope my story made the point that I’ve had enough of the cold weather for this year and am ready for the sunrise of Spring to lift off the dismal “arctic bitterness.” 😉

Here’s the link to this week’s challenge, if you’d like to read other submissions:

The Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Picture Prompt

ligo-challenge2Haībun is Prosimetric writing. The haībun format here for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is as follows ~

paragraph (more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences) in prose form of either

  • a descriptive passage , or excerpt from a story/or previously published post
  • an explanation 
  • a tale
  • a travelogue
  • a news item
  • a recipe


  • the haiku to close



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8 thoughts on “In the Thicket of Things

  1. Dear Jody, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Mother Jones. So glad you did, because now I’m here! I love your notes on form, etc. You’re very thorough. Loved the haibun, which reminds me of dimsum one can read! A little nibble, right? I, too, am impatient for spring. I live in Madison, WI, and we just got ten inches more the other day. Ah, for the sight of a crocus! To battle the gloom, I’m cross-stitching dandelions down the leg of a pair of jeans. I’m in a praise band at church (hubby is pastor) and I am known for outrageous clothes – and always jeans, to the consternation of the old guard. Hey, who would Jesus sit with? The silk suit crowd or the peeps in denim?! Peace, Amy

    • no doubt Jesus would’ve appreciated a little barley embroidered down his tunic 🙂 So glad you stopped in, sassy sister & thanks for introducing yourself & letting me get to know you better. Praise on, -j

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