Sunrise to Sunset

They honeymooned in South America, near the equator (though that’s probably not from where the heat arose). Never once did either complain about the humidity that caused their thoughts to slip, then fuse, as each explorer skimmed across other-worldly landmarks. They dreamt of trekking on continental adventures together – their experiences akin to the heights of the Andes, the mysteries of the Amazon, all unknown adventures of a great, diverse world.

Over time, they settled into their own comfortable culture until, one day, it too felt ancient, void of settlement, abundant with artifacts, confusing to interpret. No longer so equatorial.

Everything between them has gone south again – distantly so this time. Life together resides on the cold, desolate ice fields of Argentina. Both now seek to become their own Libertadores in this continental divide.

Gone the intense dawn

Once heated eyes turn humid

Sunsets cool to frost

Sunrise over Glorious Appalachian Foothills

(Oh, yes – I saw that glorious sunrise for myself – and was fortunate enough to capture a shot of it!)

This will be my third submission to the Līgo Editions community. I’ve only personally ever gotten to explore South America through the WWW, so at first, I didn’t think I truly had anything to contribute for this week’s prompt on that particular subject. But the thing about creative writing (and truly life, in general) is, regardless of location, you can always discover common experiential ground.

With that in mind, I submit to you my response to:

The Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt “South America”

ligo-challenge2Haībun is Prosimetric writing. The haībun format here for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is as follows ~

paragraph (more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences) in prose form of either

  • a descriptive passage , or excerpt from a story/or previously published post
  • an explanation 
  • a tale
  • a travelogue
  • a news item
  • a recipe


  • the haiku to close



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