Yesterday’s Bridges


Life’s paths are trod with bridges
drawing us to view from another side.
While smoothly coursing on our way,
with these crossings we oft collide.


At times we fear what lies beneath,
capable of washing us far away;
or what lies beyond, to land unseen
or while on them, that we might sway;


Or once we march boldly ‘cross them,
there may be no returning back;
where once we knew not of their presence,
yet now, cannot deny we are on their track.


We forget to see these bridges
as supplying our passages safe
forward to new dimensions, true unknown…
though adventures drawing us to our fate.


Tentatively we begin a first step,
grasping tightly to the rails
but as time goes by we’re running
across to blaze our own brave trails.


© 2013 jody love

In response to Where’sMyBackpack Travel Theme: Bridges from Ailsa, I bring you my poem above to go with pictures I captured on bridges I truly did traverse on a walk I took yesterday. 🙂

I’ve also included a few of my favorite bridges for your viewing (below), as well. I hope you enjoy them all!  -jody

11 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Bridges

    • not related to this pic, Tina. I’m actually on the Ropes course at Dollywood – and although it’s not as primitive as others I’ve been on & doesn’t have a zipline, it still keeps me occupied for a good long while whenever I go! lol

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