Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust!


These two always have a touch of Wanderlust, especially when it comes to the beach and what they might get into there – most especially when classes are in session and they’re dreaming of getting there.

One late afternoon when I snapped this photo, as I watched them searching their electrically charged horizon, I was sensing the draw of it too. As I peered through my lens, I stood in awe of the ocean and the sky as a natural backdrop, one emulating the other in mirrored waviness until the two different elements blended together perfectly at their horizon, in blue-gray harmony.

The white sands and white sky, below and above, were feeling it too. They swirled about in a light mood, cheering the water and sky to stretch out beyond their moment of equilibrium, to race to another destination full of wondrous marvels.

Though each of my subjects appeared to have a calm, relaxed demeanor on the surface, I felt the spark of adventure, brewing tumultuous, as Wanderlust claimed dominion over them all.

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers. This week’s Challenge is: Wanderlust, so get out there and join me by photographing something that makes you yearn to travel and explore the world!

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