Travel theme: Gaudy

Alisa @ Wheresmybackpack? put out a challenge this week for GAUDY.

I decided if I was going to point the finger for being gaudy, perhaps I should just keep it in the family.

As my various family members travel to meet together for the holidays each year, we’ve had a tradition of Christmas pasts. There’s always at least one prized gift up for grabs. It’s been everything from designer decorated gigantic granny-panties turned to thongs with fringe attached (oh, how I wish I could find that picture!) to…well, I’ll let you see for yourself. The prized possession always comes with a catch – you have to try it on for everyone if you’re going to get the booty (by that, I mean money) that goes with it. (Yeah, thinking back…probably not a good lesson to teach all our kids at an early age.)

Christmas gaudy

Next, let’s get ready to travel to my son’s school, for “I ❤ America Day.” As you can see, he went with a modernized version of Urban Cowboy.

I Heart America

Obviously, the pine cone doesn’t fall far from the oak tree…no wait, that’s not right – but you get the idea. 😉
Neptune - Chic One of the SeaMeet Neptuna, in all her mermaid-of-honor glory. She was the hostess for our Vacation Bible School program this year, where we did a lot of sea-faring travels. I envisioned my creation of her as a cross between Lady Gaga & ZsaZsa Gabor. She even had her own welcoming jingle.

Ask any mermaid you happen to see…
Who’s the best?…Neptuna!
Chic one of the Sea!

(For those of you who didn’t grow up eating tuna from a can promoted by a mermaid, you can catch the tune here. You just can’t catch it “ZsaZsa style,” though, which is even better than Gangnam style.)

Unbeknownst even to me, I was evidently developing my Neptuna character prototype in (no, make that “on”) my head years ago, while out on the lake (okay, “in” the lake) with friends. One of them posted a pic on Facebook of me recently with my lake-weed hairdo. Ah, the things you learn about people (including yourself) on Facebook!


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