Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: FIRE!

My foto fires are burning brightly at Cee’s request – just not literally this week. I tried to depict some of the literary ways in which we associate fire, whether it be in those warm delights which flick past our eyes to spark our minds, or through heated emotions (beyond those of romantic notions) that burn intensely in our hearts.

Morning Sunrise View from Front Porch Nook

FIRE IN THE SKY:  Morning Sunrise View from my Front Porch Nook

FIRE IN THE FOG: Morning sunrise view on a foggy day

FIRE IN THE FOG: Morning Sunrise Fire Reaching Upward to Caress the Foggy Foothills as
Valley Lamplights Flicker their Greetings

Sunset Fire on the Water - Where the Fishing is HOT!

Sunset’s Fire across the Water – Where the Fishing is obviously HOT!

fiery foul-ness

Filling His Head Full of Fine Fiery Foul-ness

FIRE in the Hole!

FIRE in the Hole! as Flames Lick their Sleeves

And lastly, here’s my “word depiction” of destruction done by a ‘flickery’ tongue bent on spreading fiery gossip like wildfire!

Word of Mouth

Tantalizing words that tangle the tongue,

Seduce the brain once the brash deed is done.

Back away!

Flee the wrath!

Their fire flicks the teeth,

meandering wrong paths

as if they have feet.

Oh, turn your head from their creative conception;

Their lustful spice will ruin your perception.

This sweet kiss bestowed will steer you towards death

by the one leaned so near,

who has poison on her breath.

© Jody Love, 2013


12 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: FIRE!

    • It’s the least resolution of all, as I was caught off-guard when I stepped outside by the unexpected beauty I encountered — with the only camera near me at the time being that on my phone. Nevertheless, you can’t hide those brilliant colors, can you?

  1. From sunset to sundown, I love evr’y one of your photos. I really like the pic showing the young lad holding that huge fish. What kind was it? Oh and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that your poem was great! Thank you for sharing.😊

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