Work-Less-Mess: JOdY-iSm #42



Trifextra: Week fifty-two: Trifextra has challenged me to provide a 33-word example of personification. Since I spend so much of my intimate time with My Work, this only seemed an appropriate response.

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27 thoughts on “Work-Less-Mess: JOdY-iSm #42

  1. I know exactly how this feels, although I’m convinced my work nights are stretched out in a torture chamber–with me alongside them! (:

  2. Ah ha!I know those days even though I do not work anymore,ha!ha!Maybe my (non)working days are hobnobbing with your work days & learning to stretch themselves too-damn those yoga classes!Need I add that this is a wonderful piece of writing together with the picture box?:-)

  3. point those baby toes . . . I cannot do an aerobics class without hearing the female voice intoning those words from the record (yes! record) being played in my front room. Nowadays – like yesterday in particular – the clock stopped moving. literally stopped. and I sat at my desk watching 5 p.m. streeeeettttccchhh farther and farther away from me. I hear ya here. 🙂

  4. I go to yoga class 3-4 times a week during my flexible work week and I can’t do that. Not even close. Terrific visual. I love the play on words. And the playful spirit of the piece. And I can’t leave without mentioning how much I enjoy your responses to the comments. You are funny. It’s nice to laugh!

    • Steph, if you keep trying to bend that way, you could bring new meaning to snapping at work! 😉 Stop in & let’s share a giggle anytime – life gets WAAAY too serious without a dash of laughter mixed in, doesn’t it? (btw, when you’re able to strike that pose, send me a pic & I’ll be happy to swap it up!)

  5. I wish weekends were longer or stretched from Friday to Tuesday.. And work from Wednesday to Thursday then I’d be happy to stretch the work days. 🙂 Enjoyed reading your take on the prompt.

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