Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


My view of the city of Tiberias while afloat on the Sea of Galilee.
Tiberias is considered to be one of Judaism’s four holy cities.
It was named for the emperor, Tiberius.
Also note that the Sea of Galilee is actually a lake – Lake Tiberias.

Further, Deeper, Higher…

As I floated upon the sea that day, I looked across the water’s waves…up onto that side of ridge, inwardly wondering, What’s taking place in all those buildings up there, beyond where I sit, lazily bobbing in my vessel here? And what could be beyond that ridge, such a high line of division over my niche? And I prayed to expand further the field of view I gleaned, to see things beyond that which I’d never before seen.

When I took the time to search below my seat of in-between, the one I often call my equilibrium, I pondered, What’s taking place in the depths beneath me, beyond the surface that obscures what I cannot see? My hand reached in and broke through but for an instant, changing the perception of what I held within me so strong. And I wished to go deeper than ever before I had gone.

Then I craned my neck and looked above, at birds flying gracefully overhead. I spread my arms up to the sky and called, How far are your plans to travel into that blue expanse of great beyond up there? Or does the wind make such decisions for you as you float along without a care? And I felt my heart and my mind trying to soar along, to higher places beyond that which I’ve already known.


You can grab some more views of others going into the Beyond at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge link.

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