Trifextra: Week Fifty-one Weekend Writing Challenge

Photo credit: ZeroOne / / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: ZeroOne / / CC BY-SA

I, the birdbrain emperor of this city, sit perched upon my throne.

I periodically visit the masses, cooing at their seedy offerings.

Yet I am a benevolent ruler, leaving my own gifts behind.


The weekend Trifecta Writing Challenge, Trifextra, asked me to choose 1 of 3 images provided on the Trifecta blog site and give a 33-word response to it. This week is community-judged.

So be sure to follow the trike link to vote (or to enter your own piece). No, there aren’t any prizes. It’s all in good fun – and great exercise for the birdbrained (like me!) or beyond…


27 thoughts on “Trifextra: Week Fifty-one Weekend Writing Challenge

  1. As Joe has pointed out, there is enough poop being spread throughout these posts this weekend to fertilize a good-sized field. However, I like the structure that you employed and how it all flows so nicely. Well written humour. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved the imagery!”Bird brain emperor”,”periodic visits”,”cooing at their seedy offerings.” !ha!ha!And no,thank you to his gifts of benevolence;-)

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