Waging War for More New Beginnings

This Weekend’s Trifextra Writing Challenge:

Week Fifty: This weekend we’re asking for 33 words about a new beginning.


One, two, three – five years came,

Combatant, her own life reconstructed.

Official duty served, clearance papers signed.

Still, this woman wages war, bearing arms – –

For sisters’ battles, more lives refusing to be destructed.



24 thoughts on “Waging War for More New Beginnings

  1. Wonderful!What better than to lead & inspire by your own example-survivors of this dreaded disease are really so amazing- & to those who survive & then form support groups for those battling it sgtill,wow,hats off to this tribe of bravehearts!

    • People bring so much more to one another in togetherness, don’t they? Kinda’ like our “little read-writing ‘hood” on Trifecta – a way for us to band together & support one another too in our life journeys. 🙂

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