Word a Week Photo Challenge: Clouds

Obelisk Head(s) in the Clouds

An Obelisk is a stone pillar/monument placed as a commemoration (often to an event or something of great significance).They go back thousands of years, being depicted in Babylonian and Egyptian cultures. A famous one also stands in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. – the Washington Monument. Their meanings always make for some interesting conjectures and debates.

I took the photo of this particular obelisk while ascending Mount Nebo in Jordan (not to be mistaken with Mount Wannahockaloogie from the movie, Finding Nemo). It was placed there for a visit by Pope John Paul II in March 2000. I liked the composition of the pillow-like clouds as this pillar-like structure stretched above the treetops (from my vantage point) towards the heavens.


Most Christians don’t think about the steeple atop their many churches as also being obelisks stretching up towards the heavens. Here’s a painting of the front of our church by one of our ladies there, depicting a snowy moon-filled evening. I love the way the luminous moon is bursting through the cloud cover overhead, creating a radiance of the steeple. (Let me say there’s only been one winter in which our church could ever have had that much snow. We were classified to have had a blizzard that year, actually — oh, and it was spring, not winter, technically. Admittedly, southern people don’t know what to do with 2 feet of snow – except pack our meat in it & run extension cords across it from any generator that can be found. That much added ice tends to take down lots of trees and power lines. Barbra obviously figured out something else productive to do with it.) Barbra has always been generous in allowing her lovely painting to be used for Christmas ornaments sold as church fundraisers each year and her painting always makes a beautiful Christmas bulletin cover.

clouds over church painting

If you’re further interested in the meaning of Obelisks and their theorized significance, I found this little yahoo conversation to go a lot of different theoretical directions on the subject:

Why are there obelisks set up in the Vatcian [sic]? Are they related to those at the White House?

If you’re further interested in viewing some more cloud covered depictions, check out our originator of this week’s photo challenge:

A Word in Your Ear.


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