Wearin’ ON the Green


Go Green!!

(Specifically, get ON your Green with Sports Participation – whether it’s a green jersey, a field of green, or if you’re green but willing!)

Below, my son (far right) gets to come out showing his pride with his Green Team.

Headed to the Playoffs

Here he is, breaking loose and flying down the green, due to help from his awesome teammates:


Catch onto The Benefits of GoingGreen (with Sports Participation):

Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle with Good Nutrition and Exercise Choices

Environment that Promotes Goal Setting towards Achievement

Elevated Self-Esteem and Others’-Esteem with the Incorporation of a Team Encouragement Mentality

Environment that Learns to Deal with Conflict Management Fairly (through Rule-Setting) and Respectfully (through Authority Management of Coaches, Referees, Umpires)

Learning to Diplomatically Deal with Disappointments in Life (loss against other teams, delays in development or due to injuries)

Learning to Reassess Responsibly and Practically

There are also Practical Warnings that must be heeded here:

Though all of the above points serve to point out how sports participation build character, when taken to the extreme, any wrongfully-enacted point can do damage to a child’s character just as easily. Examples include:

A coach (or parent) who drives forward with a goal of winning at all costs will ultimately damage self-esteem and a child’s ability to form lasting relationships.

Athletes who are pushed to take supplements that can have negative health effects or allowed to continue playing with injuries are not going to learn healthy lifestyle choices.

Sports participation should be emphasized as PART of a holistic educational approach, with the understanding that everyone has their own talents and interests. Children should be allowed to experiment and choose based on a balance of these. Extra-curricular programs can allow students who do not make school teams to continue on with a sport of interest; while even natural athletes shouldn’t feel forced to play something in which a talent may be evident, but interest is not.

Competition should not be OVER-emphasized OR UNDER-emphasized. Children must understand how to lose and win honorably and respectably/respectfully. Awards are goals for which we can strive, but also serve to teach us to applaud those who reach a little further to achieve them. Participation awards should be carefully considered and sparingly disbursed, as they can actually serve to water down the meaning of achievement and sportsmanship.

There is nothing more inspirational than…

to watch an athlete respectably lose and then remain to joyfully cheer on his or her opponent with that same level of respect. Whenever I witness this, I always walk away feeling as though I witnessed a rare champion who is going to go far in life.

Feed the Green in You!

President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Participate in Programs Page

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