Ahead of My Time? Or Behind the Times?

I always hate saying goodbye to daylight savings time. I know, I know, I gained an hour, so some of you will say. Trust me, I didn’t gain it. I didn’t even spend it wisely. I’m certain I foolishly squandered it one way or another. At least I thought that’s how I was being taunted by my digital clock as I rolled it back the night before and snarled my nose in response to it.

Did I mention I might even despise that clock? The thing about digital clocks is that you never hear the time actually ticking away. You glance over and blink only to find its pristine, blocked number has somehow simply flashed upward in sequence without warning, as though the last 59 seconds mysteriously disintegrated rather than that they actually meticulously clicked away along the metronome of an analog clock face. It’s quite disconcerting that time can do that even when you’re giving direct attention to its passing. I mean, in truth, the majority of the time I’m not giving much thought to it, busying myself with hardy work or mundane tasks or rigorous sleep. But there are still those rare occasions when time demands I pay it the respect it seeks out from me throughout the entirety of my life – and I respond by giving in, most often out of boredom because perhaps my life seems to be getting nowhere; or else out of anxiety over some outlandish upcoming event that I consider could be life-altering. On this particular day, it’s neither of the two. It’s simply a compelling interest in how time manages to be so obtrusively sneaky in grasping tiny chunks of my life with the intent of me not noticing. In essence, I’m biding my time.

Time is surely a commodity. We acknowledge it in our expressions, when we talk about spending time with others, time well spent, buying time, having a good time. We also understand there are, from time to time, appointed times to keep.

Jim Croce sang about Time in a Bottle, pointing out:

There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.

Croce was lamenting at how often we feel pressed for time.
Maybe that’s the ticker (the heart) of the problem – what causes our unnecessary perception of wasted time. Perhaps we spend too much time wishing how we might store up each precious second to later spend doing what we’d want to do — without ever considering that we wouldn’t know what to spend those seconds on if we hadn’t already used them while out living our lives.

We need to learn to better celebrate time well spent – and acknowledge that our experiences carry time-valuable lessons with them. Sometimes, we may be having the time of our lives; other times, we may find we’re living on borrowed time. In either scenario, we might enjoy life a bit more if we just allowed things to happen – all in good time…

Be sure and take a moment to enjoy Johnny & Baby having the time of their lives in Dirty Dancing: http://youtu.be/WpmILPAcRQo

…and if you want to see what a real clock looks like, take a second to link here: http://thepalladiantraveler.com/2012/11/06/weekly-photo-challenge-geometryla-torre-bissara/


3 thoughts on “Ahead of My Time? Or Behind the Times?

    • I adore your clock! If I could figure out how to fit it into my bedroom, I’d dump that foul digital one of mine (but don’t tell him I said so – he might try to get me back by faking a power outage & not waking me up one morning!) 🙂

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