In Honor of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Waging War in Shearing Pink

She was a mother, she was a sister,

She was a cousin, she was a friend;

The woman who became the warrior.

Took up her armor, wielded her weapons,

Yelled out the battle cry – it had no end.


No time for training, no choice to fight,

Not for herself, but for her loved ones,

Dying – not an option to consider.

Too soon to leave, too late to quit,

Woman up – for both daughters and for sons.


Enemy raged, body grew tired,

By her choice, a part was given; she was lost.

Though twice the fighter she’d ever been,

The soldier felt reduced to half a woman –

Scarred, the only way to win. Her cost.


One, two, three – then five years came,

Combatant attitude, with her life, reconstructed.

Official duty served, clearance papers signed;

Yet, still she wages war, bearing her arms – –

For sisters’ battles, more lives refusing to be destructed.

© 2012 Jody Love


Author’s Note


Dedicated to those many ladies I’ve the had the privilege to know through the years who have valiantly gone to battle against their breast cancer. For many, the physical battle took its toll; for others, battle cries of victory have abounded. In both cases, the war is not lost, as each of these precious ladies will one day attest. 

In the midst of the war, however, eternal alliances have often been forged, as these women march one another on, run one another on, encourage one another on – on towards the imminent victory!

Feel free to use the comments section to PINK LIST any brave woman you know and love who has fought this battle.

Here’s a link to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month site.

5 thoughts on “In Honor of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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