A Look at my Nooks ‘n Crooks

Fellow blogger, Cristian Mihai had this terrific idea awhile back – that it would be fun if we all shared a peek at one another’s writing spaces.

Let me say that Cristian’s space-frontier idea – as well as his shared workspace – terrified me for two reasons.

First of all, I get it. He’s a man. Mounds of electrical voltage scattered about a work place is very dangerous & manly – maybe even sexy on some level. However, with the amount of grace I have, I’d manage to get tangled in all those cords in his space. The best I could hope for is that, days later, someone would come along and find me (and hopefully free me) and then possibly congratulate me on the brilliance of my new diet plan (assuming I hadn’t electrocuted myself).

More importantly, Cristian’s space obviously carries a brilliance with it that mine might never possess, just like his blogs. (Let me add that I wrote these words several days ago, before I got my pics added for my post – meaning, he hadn’t even been Freshly Pressed yet for the week! Imagine the intimidation factor that’s gotten my fingers trembling as I dare to hit the Publish Post button now!!!) Anyway, Cristian does have some great ideas that he always seems happy to share – be sure to check them out. He’s even got a few published books, and the one I grabbed up recently to read – Jazz – was very compelling, so I’d suggest you check his stories out too!)

What I see (and cherish about) this Jazz author’s heart: The raw emotional experience of taking someone placed on a pedestal and allowing that person the grace of stepping down from it, rather than having it kicked out from beneath.

So anyway…at the time of the ‘workspace share’ suggestion, I wasted little to no time throwing out my excuse that, as much as I’d like to play, I didn’t have a decent camera (which any photographer out there would certainly vouch for me when looking over any of my pictures, as well as be happy to attest that I have no photographic skills to even accompanying a decent camera). This is why I so appreciate all my blog-photog-ing friends out there (for their skills; not their testimony on my lack of them).

Despite my camera deficiency, I decided that today was the perfect day to play the game – mainly because my house needed vacuumed and my porch and deck needed to be swept. What better reason to have to do these dreadful tasks than knowing I could reward myself by sharing my favorite reading nooks & crooks with you afterwards? So with my less-than-stellar-but-it’ll-do-in-a-pinch iPhone-4 camera, here’s what I’ve got for ya’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You’ll notice that my model gleefully followed me around, assuring he made his way into every nook-and-cranny shot. In truth, that makes them all authentic, as he’s usually sharing all my spaces with me.

That little front porch nook is my favorite reading space. It’s cool in the summertime, where I use the table to hold my fruit-sweetened tea (in true Southern style); but it’s also a great snuggle-under-the-blanket spot while it shields me from the wintry winds. (Okay, so those are normally about 30 degrees where I live, but we’ve had a windchill under 0 – once. Yes, that was Fahrenheit.) This little space is always the perfect welcoming post for passing out Halloween candy, too. Did I mention the chairs rock & twirl around? The best part though? Look at my recent morning view of the sunrise coming over the foothill from that very spot.

The back deck is my favorite lie-down-to-read-until-I-fall-asleep spot. My plants there are currently going through a mixed season identity crisis, with the summer geraniums, petunias, impatiens (and the banana tree) fading away; while the fall mums are coming into full bloom.

Over time, I’ve arranged my upstairs loft as my primary work space. The two tub chairs make for relaxing reading spots in the evening hours (with a Tiffany glass lamp-post to light the way); and I found a counter-height kitchen table set to serve as my editing and study desk. I’m all about functional but eclectic pieces of furniture, so even though I keep books tucked into various places around the house, one of my favorite go-to spots is the file cabinet/bookcase combo I came across online last year.

Then, finally, there’s my writing space – my traveling computer roll-top desk that’s moved the last four places with me, as has the little antique cherry chair that desperately needs to be recovered. (I can’t bring myself to do that, though, because the precious antiques dealer who restored it several years ago has passed, so every time I consider allowing someone else to recover it, I feel as if I’d be betraying him and the chair’s character).

Lastly, I’m sure you noticed the most cherished spot in the loft – the prime sunshiny-afternoon nap haven. All other times, Tiberius (a.k.a. the poser) prefers to be posted on his doggy bed, which overlooks the loft, while I’m at my official workstation. But when the sunshine is beaming in, he loves to soak up an indoor tan.

In either case, my floppy-eared editor-in-chief periodically comes over to check on my progress, never forgetting to get paid in plenty of rubs for doing this duty. Whatever my workspace lacks in brilliance, it tries to make up for in good lovin’. So I guess, in the end, these are Tiberius’ favorite Nooks & Crooks, the Places ‘n Spaces he travels each and every day.

So what are your favorite creative work spaces ‘n places?

Be a good sport and pass it forward with your own post…it could make a fun ping-back game for a community-building share exercise!


5 thoughts on “A Look at my Nooks ‘n Crooks

  1. I shared my space a while back too. I’d have to say that many years in the computer field has led me to be able to live with very little on my desk or within arms reach. Everything is on the organized on the computer. I throw a few things on my desk entirely for inspiration. I’ve turned into quite the minimalist. It helps me concentrate.

    I love seeing your spaces. They are quite neat and trim and look very conducive to concentrating on writing. I especially like your perpetual companion. I expect he’s wonderful at allowing you to bounce ideas off and listen to the tone of your work.

    Thanks for sharing!

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