A SPlaSH of CoLoR

Before the rain
I romped under happy, friendly,
light blue skies
filled with fat, squishy, white billowy clouds;
My world never before disrupted by
clarion lightening flashes cutting into my abyss
as though industrial diamonds.

Before the rain 
I jumped, full-force, into my teal-blue swimming hole, 
splashing about til my lips matched in color 
once I’d stayed there too long; 
Never considering in my limited life 
the deep, dim twilight blue that slips in to rest in  
the nail beds of death.

Before the rain 
I got lost in the kaleidoscope of sparkling azure delight, 
its splendor brightly bidding me in with welcoming warmth; 
My view then not distorted by 
the sharply carved edges of crystal 
lifted up and filled with glistening sapphire tears.

Before the rain 
My soul’s paradise lay still and undisturbed in a meditative bay, 
its only ripple from being filled to the brim with the clarity of cobalt joy; 
I had no understanding of how one polluted drop would splash down, 
added to another and yet another, 
bringing with them unexpected flooding torrents, 
turning its beauty over and   /hidden/
 a cruddy, murky, orange-brown rouge.


**Author’s Notes**


There exists (at least) a triad of meanings in the last line. (At least, that was my personal intent when the words flowed from my brain onto my paper today.)

Care to take a try at solving those?  Or even the meaning of the piece to you, in general?

The best part of poetry is that the meaning becomes an interpretive dance between the teller and the hearer – individualized with each new partner. (That’s my personal interpretation of poetry, anyway.)

There are no right or wrong dance moves – and I won’t even complain if you step on my virtual toes a bit.

If you’d like to paint your own post of colors, in response to the DP Challenge, make a few brush strokes to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/weekly-writing-challenge-a-splash-of-color/ /or/ just click here.

3 thoughts on “A SPlaSH of CoLoR

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