Speechless in Seattle

Just returned from Seattle where I was honored to be presented with a professional presentation award (which, in essence, must mean that if  someone else presented to the award-winning presenter, I got trumped!). Interesting that I wasn’t asked to utter a word. If I’d been in the audience, I might’ve been suspicious of the award-winning claim. Nevertheless, it was an exciting 60 seconds or so following a cross-country flight that left me in need of both a time and spinal adjustment, but I digress…

Seattle, WA is a fabulous city!

I was there on limited time, but borrowed some of it to enjoy the Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. This was taken in the Chihuly glass sculpture garden at the base of the Space Needle. Let me just say – – to fully appreciate its essence and beauty, you need to go at night when the sculptures are illuminated. They also should be viewed from the outer perimeter with these gorgeous, weeping  firs setting your eyes’ frame to fully appreciate the same level of awe I experienced. (This is my way of saying the garden was locked by the time I got there & I could only get a fence-perimeter view.) Stunning, nonetheless.


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